Wednesday, June 04, 2014

I am a baseball mom

 let me say that being a baseball mom was never in my mind. baseball has to be one of my least favorite sports. it is hot and a slow moving sport. how did we get here?
well after two years of soccer we know that it wasn't going to be golden boys thing. this fall/winter we did basket ball and he seemed to like that. we will give it another year to see what he truly thinks. when it was time to sign up for baseball he was all for it. me on the other hand.....I kept thinking I could do without it.  this year was just prep for him. after three coach pitches they are allowed to hit the ball off the tee. it was fun getting started and learning how all this baseball stuff works. I just knew the basics really and maybe that wasn't even enough.

let me just say that as each game went buy the sport became more and more exciting. sure my kid was out there playing but the whole dynamic of it all was just fun and exciting. the coaches that he had were just wonderful. very knowledgeable about he game and very encouraging and helpful. the group of parents that we had were so involved and made everything go so smoothly. we were never short players, the boys were always trying their best and just got better and better as the season went on. at our last game of the season we found out that there would be a single elimination tournament. i truly believe that most of the parents thought we would be out after the first game. not that the boys weren't a good little team but just that it was the end of the season and everyone was tired. we won our first tournament game and continued to win and won the whole championship. it was so exciting. our boys did awesome and were well deserving of the win. one of the moms told me last night that the way the boys played and pulled it off is what movies are made of. it was impressive and i couldn't be more proud of my boy and the team that he played for. GO PHILLIES!

 so yeah! i am a baseball mom and loving every minute of it.

 my sweet girl and one of the friends she made.
 Our Phillies
what an awesome team! what an awesome season!
i hope we are blessed to be able to be with the same coaches and team next year. we shall see. exciting things ahead.
photos taken by one of the team moms Traci (not by me ) she did an awesome job all season getting great pictures of the boys.

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