Friday, June 20, 2014

She is Four

this is who I remember meeting four years ago.  she is now all sass and spunk. not the tiny baby that I held in my arms.  but my arms.....she still fits. she fits differently now but there is still this perfect place for her in them.  She has made life extremely exciting.
 we never know what she will say and do. She loves big and is our prayer warrior. she is feisty and head strong.
she is crazy in love with the movie frozen. I mean look at that face. she loved the cake topper more than the cake I think

 she is a joy and a delight.
right as we were sitting down to sing happy birthday and eat cake our neighbor knocked on our door. she had a bear that she made for the birthday girl.  I couldn't believe that she remembered. then I found out that golden boy told her that his little sisters birthday was coming up so she was sweet and made her a special bear. 

 time seems to be flying. slow down little one......lets soak up this time. I love you more than you love me.

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