Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Adventure #1

so I have this younger cousin. she is sweet and smart and kind and brave and creative and her writing.......well I just love reading what she writes.

she posted on her blog about 52 weeks of adventure. she saw another lady named Brenda who encouraged people to adventure in 2015 as well. here is a snippet of what Brenda writes on her blog about the Embark:52 weeks of adventure: 

"Embark with me as I take fifty-two adventures and re-discover the joy of ordinary life being lived to its fullest.

I challenge you to find a way to learn, to grow, to care and to breathe, each day, for fifty-two weeks. Nourish your mind, soul, heart and body. And each week, go on an adventure."

I am always up for an adventure. my husband has taught me how to adventure. I am hoping this 52 weeks will teach me how to see adventure in my every day, not just the adventure of camping with two young children or a trip to just about anywhere or a hike through the forest. I am hoping to see the adventure in my days at home with my daughter, in the activity's that my son participates in, in a "trip" to the grocery store.

so here is my first adventure for 2015...........

I am participating in #documentedfaith over at Stephanie Ackerman's Blog.
I first found out about it on instagram through a college friend, Virginia.
you can find information here.  it looked fun and interesting and faith building of course. I love seeing everyones journal posts on facebook. it is, however, scary because everyone's art work and hand lettering is so amazing and beautiful but I am determined to not let that get me down or bother me. to enjoy the beauty that others create and to create my journal, however, I work. right now it is mainly just a jumble of words on a page, but I love it. Stephanie documented her week one here. check it out.
I have posted just a few of the pictures that I took of my journal so far. I chose a Katie Daisy journal that I already had because really, I was coming into this journey on December 30th and didn't have a ton of time to get all fancy with my journal and Katie's art work is one of my favorite things and it was already so lovely. see:

all I really did was add some washi tape to the edges. (I need to finish doing that. I just go the edges of the beginning of every month so I knew where to start and stop.) see:
then Stephanie, had on her blog this cool Happy New Year coloring page that I printed off and put on the first page of the book.  see:
I added my word for 2015. this is not something that i have done every year although when i think back to 2014 my word/phrase was "Be Present" so I guess this is year two for this kind of thing. My word for 2015 is "Hope."  i have placed my "Hope" in the One who made me and loves me.

and finally I added this weeks verse to the next page and inserted a resolutions page that I printed and filled out from here. let me say I usually don't do new years resolutions I prefer to set goals or dream as Robin Jones Gunn so beautifully put it. but I liked the act of filling this page out and folding it up and keeping it in this journal.

i have more in it since i started setting it all up on December 31st but just have not gotten any more pictures of it. i have added tip-ins which i had no clue what those were but love them. excited for this adventure and journey in faith as i document things this 2015.  i am sure that i will hold all of these 52 adventures as well. thank Lily for your post and the excitement of a new year.


  1. Love this! And I love the front of your journal - it's beautiful!

  2. Love this! And I love the front of your journal - it's beautiful!