Saturday, January 24, 2015

Adventure #3

Here is week three of my 52 weeks of Adventure. Linking up with my cousin Lily
If you are reading this join in. Any time is good and no pressure to do all 52 weeks (good think too since the first three weeks are already over)  maybe do 12months of adventures one adventure a month. however you want to do it. Check out her first post on her adventure series and even if you don't want to participate, hop on over to her blog and check out the amazing adventures her and her husband have been blessed to have. (oh and read some of her blog posts, she is quite a talented writer)
I think any time a child participated in a team sport, at any age, it can be quite an adventure. This is the second year for Golden Boy to participate in Upward Basketball. We had the best time last year when he played and he made some great friends and had such wonderful coaches. we were able to be with the same coach again this year and he has made three new friends as well. The whole set up of Upward is great. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. 
 this year has been extra special because Golden boy has participated in the run outs that they do and in the team prayers before the game. last year it was a struggle. this year before the games started he informed us that he was bigger and older this year and could run out and pray before the games with the teams.

 growth in your child is bitter sweet. sure I want to bottle him up and keep him little but seeing his growth and the leaps and bounds he daily makes is just awing. especially when his leaps and bounds brings him closer to the God who created him.
this picture just melts my heart. i love seeing him so sweet and tender this way with his daddy right behind him supporting and loving him.  this two guys have my heart.

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