Monday, February 23, 2015

Adventure 8

The Gift.
Gifting adventure. YES! a gifting adventure. My nephew turns 10 today. 10! 10! 10! it seems like he was just born. I can't believe that he is in the double digits. One thing about my nephew that i love is that he loves "little things"
he has since he was tiny and it has stuck with him. i love that about him. he doesn't care what other boys are doing or are into he just loves his little things and his pockets are always filled with some.
i saw Ashley Ann from Under the Sycamore post something on instagram about this super awesome site and came across this cool tiny/little photo books.
that was the main item that i wanted to give him but added the cute little squidlets (as they are called by the shop owner) you can check out her cute crochet animals at her shop here, the mine craft mystery box and the tiny dinosaur.

check out these tiny books.
are they not just the cutest thing that you have ever seen. i made one of just him. pictures of him doing things that he likes to do. one of all the people in his life, family, that loves him so much and then one of different things that he likes, baseball, legos, minecraft, the space and rocket center, four wheeling.

i mean seriously! are they not cute. Barbie even loves them. and i wish that i had done the one other cool thing they do. they have a magnet in each one and can stick to the fridge. super cool.

here is one of the tiny plush octopus things that we gave him.

i made sure that everything was wrapped up in tiny boxes of course and than tagged it with a tag that said. We love every "little thing" about you!

his birthday was at the stake rink. it has been for the past couple of years and it is the only time that we ever go and it always brings back memories of the skate rink that i used to go to when i was a kid. there are lots of fun and fond memories tied to the skate rink. 

this year was slightly difficult because Golden boy was in a wheel chair. read more about why he is in a wheel chair here.
we explained that he couldn't skate before leaving for the party but there was still lots of tears once we got there because he still wanted to skate. they said that it was fine for him to get out there in his wheel chair but it just took him a while to work through it all and he was out being pushed by his cousin, the birthday boy, who he loves dearly and enjoying himself.

little girl also had a great time. she had to use this walker thing (which i think is genius) but she really didn't want to use it. she wanted to try so badly to skate on her own but kept falling and i didn't need another broken/fractured bone in the family.

adventures in skating once a year is always fun times. maybe next year i will actually get out there and skate.

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