Monday, July 20, 2015

Adventure 29

adventures with friends
I feel so blessed to have the group of friends that we have
I am grateful for the sunday school class that we found six or so years ago when we started to look for a church in the area to attend.
we have made such a great group of friends and loved seeing how the group has grown over the years. they kids for sure out number the adults at this point.
we had a great evening spent with a few of our friends hanging out around their pool, eating hot dogs and hamburgers, yummy sides and delicious desserts.
about a month ago when we were at our friends lake house the guys got to throwing the older kids in the water and making them flip. the kids thought it was amazing. there are no photos of this actually happening because we were all in the water watching them do it. one of the boys came to church the next day saying how his favorite part of the lake weekend was being thrown in the water.
somehow it all happened again.
Golden Boy and Little Girl went first to show them how it was done (at least I think they did, I just happened to look over and there was my hubby and another friend getting ready to toss my kid in)
here is Little Girl getting thrown in
this is one cool shot
here is Golden boy
the dad's faces crack me up and Jude positioned himself great.
and this shot......oh how I love this shot. almost all of us in the water and that is Little Girl in the air. she landed in the water not on the diving board, every time it looked like one of the kids would land on the diving board but I think it was just where I was standing in the water.
Thanks to Blakeley for snapping these great pictures and sharing them with us.
Again....oh how I just love this picture.
"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."
~Helen Keller
adventuring with these folks is wonderful. seeing these kids take risks and embracing adventure, beautiful. 
It was so great to get to see and hang out with our friends that were in town The Zorio's
they were a big part of our Sunday school class when we first started going and then moved away so it was good to get to see them and hang out for a bit.

The Hough's have a pretty awesome back yard and the guys ended up going out back to play corn hole and get the fire pit going. the kids went back and fourth between the back yard area and the pool. eventually the daddy's got a game of football going that a lot of the kids participated in. it was a great night for friends, food, fun and fellowship.

thanks for the other pictures Kelly!

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