Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My Boy

how is it even possible that this guy is 8. wasn't it just yesterday that i was gazing at this beautiful face just moments after he was born and then rushed to the NICU

after 58 days in the NICU we were then able to bring him home.....again, didn't that just happen

this may be the last picture that i have with him with both of those front teeth missing. one is now all the way in and about 5 days ago the other one started coming did we get here!

he is beautiful and still
busy and adventureous
sweet and affectionate

he loves sports and activities
he is a planner
he changes his mind daily on what he wants to be for halloween (i know it is months away but he is always thinking and planning)
he also has a variety of things he wants to be when he grows up
the latest is a construction worker because he would get to operate all of the big machines and build big buildings.

fast tube rides are never fast enough, even when we get airborne.
i love being his mom and experiencing life with him
he is a joy and delight.

Happy Birthday Golden Boy!
here he is in some other birthday posts!

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