Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Mom moments

stages of life are strange and fun all at the same time. i am not in a stage of life anymore where i am diapering and changing and bathing children. I still help little girl in the bath but my son is completely independent in the showering department, and has been for awhile. however, this whole showering thing is going to give me a heart attack, i just know it. i will die running to the bathroom to check on golden boy. why? you may ask. it has nothing to do with my worry of his safety but realizing 5 minuets into his shower that i forgot to take his hearing aids out. i haul to the bathroom, heart pounding, shower curtain pulled aside and check to see if they are out.

funny thing about growing up, they grow up in more areas than just being independent with showers. he has become more and more responsible for the care of his hearing aids. i get messages from his hearing specialist at school saying how proud she is that he is advocating for himself when it comes to his hearing aids. he lets them know when they aren't working correctly or needs new batteries. he has been so great about all of that and i love hearing about it from the ladies at school that love and care for him.

i need to calm down and realize that he is growing up, becoming more responsible, and caring for his hearing aids. i still will probably run to the bathroom, heart pounding, worried that he has forgotten to take them out a few more times (i am mom) but it is getting better and i am realizing what a sweet, grown up, responsible, guy that i have. he makes me smile and makes me proud.


  1. You and your hubs are fantastic parents, and it's so exciting to see the beautiful, sweet, caring, responsible children you're bringing up!

    1. thank you Blakeley. you are kind. missed seeing you at the game on saturday. hope everyone is well.