Friday, July 22, 2016

Beachin' it with the Boys

Back in June, after we picked up Golden Boy from away, summer camp, (I wrote a bit about it here) we took him to the beach (just the three of us)
we just stayed one night but it was so much fun. We stayed at Camp Gulf. it was a little camp ground with cabins and trailer parking.

here was our cabin for the night. it was like staying in a tiny house (but I am sure a bit bigger than those but still pretty tiny)

I was very impressed with all they had inside. there was a full kitchen with all of the things you would need for cooking. they provided you a bag of ice in the freezer and things like small dish soap, dish detergent, bath supplies, towels. it was fantastic. it would have been so fun to stay more than one night.

of course Golden boy was thrilled with the loft. it was very roomy too. multiple children could sleep up there.

I convinced him to snap a few picture with me on the beach. it wasn't that hard to convince him. I think he was pretty excited to see us and getting to hang out with just us. also, see the shirt he is is one of his faves that he didn't bring to camp so I brought it with us on the trip. she he was thrilled about that too.


  1. Awe! What a special time with just the three of you! So much fun!

    1. it really was kelly. we had a great time with just him ;)