Tuesday, July 12, 2016

What I learned in June........

1. my daughter can now count her age on two hands

 this was her last night as a five year old

here she is the morning of her 6th birthday. she wasn't feeling well. it was sad.
where did the time go

2. planning and preparing parties are fun for me but not so much for my hubby. it ended up being a hit though. see the party post here.

3. vbs is near and dear to my heart......especially when you find out that this is the last year our church will be participating in a traditional vbs. they are moving to an all day type camp. (good for dual income families and single parents) i love their heart

4. vbs is exhausting. it was a great week. the specific job that i do stretches me and pushes me out of my comfort zone. i met new people and had to speak on a microphone. aaaaakkkkkk. also it kept me busy, which was good because it distracted me from thinking continually about the fact that golden boy was at away summer camp. that he is even old enough to do that amazes me. that he was brave enough to want to go without knowing anyone impresses me. he is one incredible kid.

5. spending alone time with just one kid is so great. i love my little family of four. i love when we are all together. but for my hubby and i to get to spend time with just one kiddo is a lot of fun. here i am with little girl, we took her out to a fancy dinner and got dessert too

she asked if we could pose. I complied.

and here i am with golden boy, after we picked him up from camp we took him to the florida coast where we spent one night. we had a lot of fun with him. check out this post for that adventure.

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