Thursday, January 26, 2017


So i think i mentioned that there is asbestos under the linoleum in the kitchen. the abatement company came out yesterday to measure the space.  i am going to stop there for a second....... and go back over 10 years when we bought the house. i was at work and my hubby called me to tell me that there was a house for sale that he wanted me to come and look at. i think i remember him meeting me at the road when i pulled into the driveway and saying that i needed to keep an open mind and see the potential there. we walked into the side door that took us into the laundry room and into the kitchen. this is a little but of what it looked like over 10 years ago, and kind of what it is looking like now. we walked through the rest of the house. here are some posts from then.....and here.

to be honest the only thing that sold me on the house was the wood burning stove in the kitchen and the potential for the carpet to come up and the wood floors in the house to be refinished. fast forward back to now, on Monday night we were talking about going ahead and taking up the stone around stove so that the floor could go all the way across the room and then rebuilding the stone around it smaller than it currently is.

Yesterday the abatement team came out to measure the kitchen. they told my hubby that they were going to need to take up the stone around the wood burning stove to treat that too. so looks like we are getting that taken care of. another decision (the stone that surrounds the stove) but an exciting one. you can see how the stone went all the way to the wall. we are fine with the placement of them stove we just wish that we could have the walking space through the area where the stone is touching the wall. now we get to reclaim that space. yay yay yay.

see how the stone goes all the way to the wall? we are going to redesign it where we still have the hearth and then some of the side for wood but not that bit all the way to the wall.

so next Friday some more of the work continues.

update on Little girls room. they came in yesterday to finish taking out the floor in her room. so this is what it currently looks like.

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