Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Smokey Joe

and while the kitchen is fully functional we aren't fully finished with it yet either
remember the wood burning stove that we had in our kitchen?
well that little stove, that we lovingly call our smokey joe, has yet to be put back into the kitchen. the smokey joe was pretty much the selling point of the house. there really were no other redeeming qualitles about the house but the smokey joe and the wood floors that were under the carpet everywhere. now don't get me wrong, I have grown to truly love this house. so currently smokey joe sits on our back porch. it is a beast of a thing to lift, not that I have tried, but come on, it is made of cast's heavy.

the stone veneer around the smokey joe before it was removed looked like this.

the shape of it doesn't bother me but the fact that it went all the way to the wall was really weird to us. we just lived with it for the last 10 years because really we didn't know what else to do with it or even why it was like that.

now we are at the decision in the kitchen process where everything is done and functional but the smokey joe still isn't installed. 

I have a whole pinterest board for the wood burning stove with lots of ideas but we just can't decide what exactly we want.

this is what we know and want: we don't want it to look like it did before
we want the footprint to be small (the area that the stove sits on)
we want it to coordinate with the rest of the kitchen
we don't want to be too high off of the ground

here is my pin board of the wood stoves that we have seen and saved so far
and there are so many other choices to go with too.

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