Monday, April 03, 2017

Soccer Game #2

Saturday was another great day for soccer. a bit chilly but beautiful.
Golden boy played the whole game.
Have i said how much i am loving watching him play soccer?
Well I DO!

Us on the sidelines watching him. There was a time in the game where Golden boy got smacked in the face by the ball. the game stopped of course as he hit the ground. it took everything in me to stay planted on the sidelines and let the ref and coaches take care of it. it wasn't too long that he was getting up off of his knee and ready to play again. 
Little girl saw it all too and came over upset saying that she wanted to go and give him a hug. I told her that i did too but i was trying to stay on the sidelines and let the other adults take care of in unless they needed me. teaching patience and how to not be too controlling and i am still learning all at the same time.
WE WON-in quite a few different ways. 
and Golden boy scored a goal at the very end.

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