Monday, December 23, 2019

What I plan to read in 2020...

2018 had me creating my very first post like this. you can find it here.
2019 i made another list and added the ones from 2018 that i never got around to reading. I'm not doing that this year. I am just planning on choosing the ones that i would like to read and of course there are more that will be added into them over the next 52 weeks. 
Here are my 2020, "would like to read" books

31284532. sy475 This is the third in the Janie's series and i enjoyed the other two so very much. This one comes out in June of 2020 so it is for sure one that i want to get my hands on this year.

24331400The first book that i ever read by Maris de los Sanots was "Love Walked in" and it was my far one of my favorite books. This one was written with her husband and i read "Saving Lucas Briggs " last year.

Then i have a list of bookish books to read. you know, books about books.
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Having a son on the brink of getting more into the digital world has me wanting to read these books, that have been on my to read list for a while.
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A book to read with my daughter. there will probably be many more but this one is a definite.

Humorous book. there is nothing like laughing when you are reading. it is one of my favorite things. here are the books that i am hoping do just that.
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Book i plan on starting in January
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Books recommended by people i know. I asked for some recommendations on facebook and these were some of the ones that i got
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