Saturday, August 23, 2014

Women on Target

Let me just say our church is AWESOME!
Now let me  give a little background.  I grew up in a home where my dad had rifles and shot guns and I am sure some sort of hand gun. He used them for hunting. He still has them (although they mostly collect dust in their case)(actually that is inaccurate they are in their case but dust collection they do not. my mom loves well maybe she doesn't love to but she is quite the duster and probably dusts them occasionally)
My sister and I never seemed interested in them. I am not sure if my mom was either. I would guess no. somehow though I found myself shooting a gun the other day. Our church (see above comment) had a women on target event as a local gun range. there was an encouraging devotional about God and Jesus being the target we aim for and continuing to draw closer to Him through prayer and studying His word. Of course food, coffee, ammo and guns were involved too.
I was given a Smith and Wesson 9mm (quite possibly a little to powerful for me)
 practice rounds were turning out not so well. I got a bit of help from the Range Officer on aiming and got a bit better. Our first competition was target shooting. we got 10 rounds. my first 6 were too low. about four of them hit in the lower left by the 7. I loaded 4 more rounds and was instructed on where to aim for and I would get closer. 2 out of those 4 hit the 9 on the right side. I was not the  winner of the competition but got an 85. Not bad for not having shot since I was a little girl.

our next competition was a walk and shoot. I hit all 6 targets with 6 rounds in 18.85seconds. again not the winning score, in fact I was probably in the bottom 5 out of 12 ladies but I did it and more importantly I hit all the targets.
here is my friend Julie doing the walk and shoot. doesn't she look tough? scroll down to see me. I look like I just rolled out of bed and decided to shoot a gun.

remember this was the first time that I have really ever shot a gun. at least by myself. I was emotionally and physically drained by the time it was all over. I did have a good time but that thought that I was holding a gun continued to run through my mind. It was intimidating and exciting all at the same time.  I mean I think I was one of three of these ladies that didn't not have their own gun. it was nuts all these ladies that showed up with their very own guns and how awesome they were with them. I was super impressed.
Russ, the owner of the range at one point was talking about hitting the guy on the targets and not the guys gun. he mentioned that you usually shoot what you are looking at the not to focus on the scary gun in his hand but on the man. later I heard this song by For King & Country that I love but really listened to the word and thought that it pertained some to the "On Target" theme of our event. it is called "Fix My Eyes" and the chorus is
I'd love like I'm not scared
give when its not fair
live life for another
take time for a brother
fight for the weak ones
speak out for freedom
find fait in the battle
stand tall but above it all
fix my eyes on You
just like Russ said about fixing our eyes on our targets for shooting, I want to remember to FIX MY EYES on the target (GOD) and not stray from Him.
Good job ladies. I had a great time shooting with you.

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