Thursday, September 18, 2014

#2014andycmping part 2

 a few more pictures from our camping weekend. these lovelies were blooming all over the place
the cabin that we called home for the weekend
 a sneak peak of something else that we did while there. more on this in a later post
 this child. she just melts my heart (and sometimes makes it stop, heart attach style, with the things she does)

 golden boy and daddy on a river float (we will all be participating in this in may)
 not sure why she just didn't get all the way in
 enjoying the mud

 who needs a spa when you can just give yourself a mud treatment
 I posted a picture like this on instagram and my sister commented with "America Ninja Warrior" she mastered this wall and fireman's pole this time around.

"him." so much to love  in this tiny bundle of a boy 
 I have a feeling this will be an annual or bi-annual brother/sister photo. YAY!
 a drive through Cades Cove
 daddy told them that he was going to turn the van into a jeep. they had to stay in their seats and buckled in but we would ride through Cades Cove with the doors open and the front windows down.

 couldn't get the best picture of this little guy but we did see a bear while we were in Cade Cove. they kids, and daddy were thrilled. (I was pretty excited to see it too) it was a great BIG blessing

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