Sunday, September 28, 2014

Old Chair Makeover

Chalk paint:
I had been seeing it all over Pinterest and I just thought that it was chalk(board) paint in colors instead of black. my how I was wrong.  someone told me that the Annie Sloan was a bit pricy and where I had to buy it locally was a bit out of the way for me so I went to Home depot and got the Deco Art American Decor 8oz bottle in Lace.
here is the chair that I wanted to paint.
I originally thought that I would paint it red. (this was at least 4 years ago(or more))
as you can see it never got finished.
the thing that drew me to chalk paint was that I read or heard that you didn't have to do sanding. that  the chalk paint covered up and made up for a lot. I liked that idea.
so here is what the chair looked like after coat one.
it was a lot of work to get all those spindles painted, but I pressed on

here it is after the second coat

i took a close up of the chair to show that it still had a lot of streaks in it. I had a friend of mine tell me that she only did two coats of the Annie Sloan paint on a bakers rack that she painted. after seeing the second coat and all the streaks I went for a third coat. (note to future chalk painting self, buy the Annie Sloan or as another friend told me make my own chalk paint. I saw that on pinterest as well, here and here and here, I decided not to go that route because i thought that it would be just as expensive as buying that Annie Sloan, it may not be i don't know. I didn't price it all.)
the saying "third times a charm" worked in this case. here is my cute little chair with its third coat of chalk paint and then waxed. (that was a complete adventure) I used miniwax and I had no clue what to do with it but rub it on the chair. I read the blogs about how to apply and still felt like I was going in blind. I feel like I read something some where about possible putting the mini wax in a bowl or cup or plate and melting in a microwave for a couple of seconds before using.......that may be something that I for sure do if I attempt this chalk painting thing again.
as for the "Believe" sign. that will be another post for another day

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