Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tie Dye

i put in this post, a sneak peak of something that we did while we were camping.
well here it is
we got to do a tie dye shirt.
my mother in law, crazy loves her, some tie dye.
her birthday was the week after our trip so we made a special tie dye shirt for her
the kids picked the colors (I got to pick one too) and we decided on a heart.
one of the ladies got the shirt all folded and rubber banded how it needed to be for the heart.

here are the kids with the shirt......ready to be dunked
little girl, helping me with her color
golden boy helping out with his color
after the shirt was dipped in the colors it had to sit in a vinegar and water bath for about 5min
the rubber bands are removed

and one of the ladies had the kids clothes their eyes while she unwrapped it......
here is their reaction to the shirt. i just love it.
next time we go they will be making a shirt for them to wear.

it came out so well and we gave it to her this weekend and she loved it.

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