Saturday, March 14, 2015

Adventure(s) 11

this weekend was full of expected and unexpected adventures.
it started on Friday, when I got a message from a friends how asked if Little girl and I wanted to go on a girls date with her and her daughter to see Cinderella.
now, for anyone who knows me, they know that I love Cinderella. she is my favorite princess and I have been waiting and waiting to see the movie (blowing up Facebook will all the excitement, full of Cinderella posts)
my plan was to wait some more, until this coming weekend to go and see it with my mom. I really wanted Little girl to see it but was debating on taking her when I went with my mom. I was hoping for just some mommy and me time with my own mom. so I messaged my mom and asked her if she was ok with me taking Little girl to see it and then her and I could go without Little girl and she was completely fine with that. so I let my friend know that I was good to go and thrilled to see the movie with them.
I asked if her daughter was going to dress up and she let me know that she really wanted too. Little girls Cinderella dress is pretty big and she I asked her which princess dress she wanted to wear she said her Elsa one, which was perfect since we got to see the Frozen cast in the mini film Frozen Fever.
on Saturday our plan was to go to the St. Patrick's Day parade. The rain looked like it was going to be all gone by the time the parade started. about 30 min before it was time for us to leave it started raining and didn't stop. we thought the place we had in mind to catch it at would be good because it wouldn't get there till about 30 min after the start time. we caught about 20 or so min of it. it misted pretty much the whole time but it was fun to be there with friends.

after the parade we went to visit Nana, which is what we did last year and had fun telling her about the parade and showing her all the kids were learning in school.

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