Sunday, April 05, 2015

Spring Break 2015

We started off our spring break at the Lake House.
Golden Boy caught a turtle and we colored and made a fire and played games and watched the Swiss Family Robinson and had an egg hunt.

From there we headed to Atlanta for one night with the kids. we rode The Marta in Atlanta
to Centennial park. (i think just the waiting and riding of the train was the most fun for the kids)

Centennial Park

After the Marta ride we got in the car and went in search of the Ikea.
The kids just loved it and i sure did too. I couldn't get out of there without buying something. I looked for a frame for one of Little girls pictures but there wasn't anything that i liked but i did find this basket that i am now using on top of my refrigerator to hold bread and place mats and other things and the very large basket that was up there is now the shoe bin.

The next morning we took the kids to The Aquarium. It was really awesome. One of the things that they have is a dolphin show which is really pretty cool. they have it two times in the day and we went to see it both times because the kids loved it to much.

check this little fish. it would go into that hole and come out with a mouth full of sand and spit it out.

another amazing this was the whale sharks

we got waited to see when they feed them

Once we left the Aquarium we went to the Lego discovery center but need to stop to get something to eat. we were discussing what they had in this really high scale mall that we were in and when the hubby said Johnny Rockets, i jumped on that idea. i remember eating there when i was in college and how much i loved it. 

a peanut butter chocolate malt was for sure one of the things that i had my heart, mind and tummy set on.

The Lego Discovery Center was right across the mall from Johnny Rockets so we headed there after we ate. it was so much fun

i kid you not i thought for sure someone had dropped a hundred dollar bill on the ground. i bent down to pick it up and realized it was a fake. it sure does look real. both the kids fell for it as well. it gave the hubby some good laughing too.

When we got back home the Circus was coming to town. we went to the Elephant Walk.

and then we ended spring break with a trip to The Circus 


  1. Wow, y'all crammed a lot into one short week! That all sounded like so much fun, and your pictures were beautiful.

    1. we were home for a good bit of spring break (wed-the weekend) but we did get a lot done. we only spent one night in Atlanta so we wanted to get everything we wanted to do there in. we had a great time though. thank you about the pictures. they were fun to take and look back through. oh and I am thinking that maybe I got this reply to comment thing down. I guess let me know if you see this reply (or get a notification about it or something.)