Monday, April 27, 2015

Adventure 17

adventures in festivals

in 2011, on our way home from a camping trip with friends, and headed back to a house with no electricity because of the tornadoes that knocked it out for a full week, we came across signs  for the National Corn Bread festival and decided to stop and check it out. 
We had such a great time three years ago when we stopped and have been wanting to get back there since then, but every year we have something going on.

This year it appeared we would be clear to go, noting on the calendar, until my sons Saturday baseball game got rescheduled to Sunday. we decided to make the trip anyway and just show up for the baseball game right on time to play. it was still just as cool as it was all those years ago and there was for sure some fun times. every bit of it wasn't as magical as our first visit but i am glad that we were able to make it again and go.


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