Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Adventure 48

Adventures in planning thanksgiving
Since Golden Boy was born we have never spent thanksgiving at our house. we are always traveling to my home town or to my parents lake house. this year my parents weren't going to be home or at the lake house so we decided to stay home. I wanted to have thanksgiving at home. my hubby asked me if i was going to cook a turkey, i thought that i would just get a boneless butter ball turkey and put it in the crock pot. Golden boy wanted to a turkey leg though so my sweet mother in law said she would handle the turkey and i said great, i will do all of the sides. it was fun. i started with my granny's home made macaroni and cheese. a few years ago i asked her for the recipe in her own handwriting. i love that i have this from her, even though i couldn't be with her at thanksgiving this year. i had the added fun of Little girl helping me out too.

we made other sides too, as well as set the table and had loads of dishes to clean. it was a fun day.

 i would have had a picture of the table with all of the food on it, (or at least some of it, all of the food wouldn't fit) but right as it we were making plates and sitting down to eat little girl spilled her whole glass of sparkling grape juice. it was mess. i am glad that we at least got this one before we started piling everything on. she is so me. apparently she i was little i spilled drink ALL-THE-TIME. she comes by it honestly, i guess. poor thing. it was a good day though.

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