Monday, December 14, 2015

Adventure 50

on Saturday we participated in a sweet potato drop with the Society of St Andrew and lots of other people who came out to bag 40,000 pounds of sweet potatoes

here is the first crate that we started on

we (the kids and I) have participated in veggie drops during VBS before but this was my Hubby's first time participating in a veggie drop and he just really enjoyed it

Golden boy was so sweet to help the little one.

Little girl and one of her friends working together to bag those sweet potatoes

this is just one section of crates that were loaded down with sweet potatoes

our first crate almost empty

we put the kids in to help grab those sweet potatoes off of the bottom and bag them

Little girl and one of her very best friends. she loves spending time with Jasper. she is my little social butterfly so she was very interested in talking and socializing with everyone there

the sweet potatoes went to many different families who are in need of food all over the norther part of our state. there were a number of organizations that came by and collected bags of potatoes to take to many families.

our very first empty crate

this was another whole section of of crates with more sweet potatoes in them

some of the boxes were completely lifted up and placed on flat bed trucks to be delivered to different places.

if we didn't have this organization to help bag these veggies then the farmers would just have dump these sweet potatoes in the forest to rot. it still blows my mind that we have starving people in America. i loved that my family could help participate in this and seeing that every single truck that came to get sweet potatoes was prayed over, for the families getting them, the hands that bagged them and the drivers and people who where delivering them, just made this experience even more special.

the kids even rounded up and prayed with the drivers after helping load their trucks with bags and bags of sweet potatoes.

this is Little girl holding the hand of an older gentleman that come to pick up some of the potatoes.

and here is Framer Mary Lynn and quite a few of the kids that were there participating in the veggie drop. it was so wonderful to all come together to help.
the Body of Christ, His Hand and Feet.

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