Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Adventure 49

first let me say that i can't believe that we are at week 49 of this year and right around the corner from ending the adventures of 2015
it has been so much fun participating in this with my cousin Lily and her friend Brenda 

second my computer at home has been having wifi issues so i can't upload a photo of that i wanted to post about, our group picture from our Sunday school Christmas party. hopefully i can get the computer working again and i can upload that picture right here but i will just say that it was a great time with some great and fun people. i am so glad that we got together and for to hang out with such wonderful friends.

third! another fun thing that has been going on is that our office was given a ginger bread house to decorate for a contest. we did #ahousedivided #an officeunited
i think it turned out so great. i work with a very creative staff and love the ladies so much. 
i mean, is it not the cutest thing you have ever seen. 
click the link and then under the logo of the gingerbread house, click the vote tab and then find our house to vote on.
Please go vote for our house.

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