Monday, November 19, 2007

Praise for Poop

so on sunday we went to sunday school and of course little guy came with us. he really loves to throw us off schedule too. we try to feed him right before we leave for church but he always manages to eat once we get there. no big deal we adjust. so i fed him once we got to sunday school. our sunday school class was somewhat different this week. it was definitely a cleansing of the soul. there were tears shed and problems spoken about. instead of our typical lesson we had a discussion time and lots of prayer. after my hubby opened with prayer we kept if open for anyone to pray. as people are praying i'm smelling something and just know that it's baby boys gas. i'm thinking oh know somethings coming. and sure enough after a couple of people are done praying and there is that silence he decided it was his turn and he let loose. over and over again. it was to much for everyone we laughed till we were crying. it was a much need time of laughter and my hubby praise God for His perfect timing and the much needed humor and our class definitely need at that moment. it truly was great. i never thought we would be giving praise for poop. poor little guy was laying in my arms looking around like "...what's so funny? why is everyone laughing?" he had the sweetest innocent face too. it was great.


  1. Baby poop has impeccable timing!

    You should hear C say baby boy's name. It's really funny. It's kind of like "So-er?"

  2. Was it a true 'blow out'?!

  3. I LOVE this story!!!!! :-)

  4. That's awesome. I'm always amazed at how kids can make heavy moments lighter and bring things into a more balanced perspective. What a fun story!

  5. amber-i so wish i could hear him talk about so-er. i bet it's adorable.

    mia-i love that he brings so much laughter into our lives

    alli-i guess it wasn't a true blowout, like up the back and all over the clothes but i sure thought it would be that's how loud it was.

    cheryl-thanks, i hope i have more funny ones to share in the future. i'm sure i will.

    -c- isn't it though. little ones truely are amazing.