Sunday, September 06, 2015

Adventure 36

Adventures in book reading (my favorite kind)
I got a pre-reading of Kyle and Kelsey Kupecky's New book The Chase:Trusting God with your happily ever after. I was thrilled to be chosen.
I am far from being single (since in am happily married) but I know that I want my daughter to read this one day and want more and more young girls to have this couple to look to as role models instead of the young girls that are out there today that they are looking to.
These two are a breath of fresh air and I loved reading about their story and how they purposed in their hearts to chase after God. They knew that in doing that, He would guide and direct their life and who He had for them to marry.
I mean the introduction alone will make you catch your breath and marvel at the goodness of God and the incredible hand He had in writing their love story.
Kelsey mentions in the beginning that she hope that as you are reading this book that if feels like you are spending time with one of your girlfriends(it really does) and the neat part about it, is that you get Kyle's perspective and thoughts at the end of each chapter.
My copy of my book is soon to be passed off to an amazing friend of mine who I love dearly and who has a beautiful daughter who is a senior in high school. my hope is that after she reads it that she can pass it along to more and more of her friends and that by doing that more young girls will set their heart on God and learn to chase after him with all of their hearts and not chase after guys.
Kyle is a Christian recording artist who use to be in the Christian band Anthem Lights and not is a solo artist. Check out his album here
Kelsey is a designer and actress. She is the designer of the "Possibilities" DaySpring line with her mother Karen Kingsbury.

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