Friday, September 11, 2015

Too Old!

My  mom recently gave me some books that were mine growing up. I guess technically they are hers since she bought them but she gave them to me. I read them in  high school, maybe in college too, but I think mostly in high school. I loved them but I rarely re-read a book and, lets be honest, I don't really have the space that I dream of having when it comes to books. I LOVE BOOKS! YES! I DO! If I had it my way I would have a room with wall to wall book shelves that go from floor to ceiling. These shelves would be lined with books upon books and not these "how to style a book shelf" shelves, thank you very much pinterest.  (I'm sorry pinterest, I really do love you) but really fully book shelves, like a book store or library. Yes! I would have a mini library, in-my-house.

Side by side by side books would sit and a rolling ladder, YES please! This would of course be to get the books all the way on the top and to look pretty. Of course this makes no sense in my current house because my ceilings are short and normal, not high and beautiful (I am completely fine with my normal, 1960s house ceilings but this being my dream, book room, the ceilings need to be taller than my existing home.)

so, since this is not going to happen, my love for books and the ability to keep....E-V-E-R-Y
S-I-N-G-L-E one that I read in not feasible. I mean we already have a plastic bin full of books that aren't on shelves and more books in my closet that I will not get rid of (they are dear to my heart.)

So back to the books that my mom gave me, to take to the used book store. It is 2 series of 4 books. (8 books total) they are by the author Lori Wick. I loved reading these books. they are so good and not like the books now that tend to be all dark and twisty (that's right Meredith Gray-not that dark and twisty is all bad but back to the point) Yesterday I took these books to the used book store for credit to buy more books (I know, nuts) and the lady told me that she could not take the Lori Wick books because they were TOO OLD! 
TOO OLD! Yes that is right.
How can a book be too old?
I did find a solution though. I remember my friend Amber telling me that she was reading some Lori Wick books and really enjoying them. She wondered why we never spoke about her books, when we had all of the conversations about books, when we lived closer and would devour books from the library.
 I messaged her and asked her if she wanted me to send them to her. She sais YES! I am so glad these "too old" stories will continue to be read.
Amber.......she is my age.
We aren't too old!
Not yet anyway!

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