Wednesday, September 02, 2015


i have been doing the #shereadstruth bible study on Hosea and have really been enjoying it. todays study was on chapter 13. it was an exhausting chapter to read, after reading all of the other chapters prior to it.  the title of the study is 'Who are these knuckleheads?'  here is a quote from the study by Raechel Myers, "And still, thirteen chapters into the book of Hosea, no clanging cymbal or shockingly graphic simile is enough to shake them out of their sin and cause them to repent. And oh how He wants them to repent—to live in loving, covenant relationship with Him.
God gave them food and water in the wilderness, but just as soon as they were satisfied, they forgot why they needed Him in the first place.
God is angry with Israel. Shoot, by this point, I am angry with Israel."

ME TOO! I wanted to shout, until it dawned on me that, that is me. I cry out to God in times of need and then 'put Him in a box', as I am sure you have heard people say and as was quoted in this study.

I am struggling right now with my youngest and school.  I seemed like she was never going to get into the groove of school. She had some good day, some bad days and some ok days. there was a lot of teach and instructing and frustration about it all. I asked a dear friend of mine to please pray for her and I as we were navigating the waters of kindergarten and all that is required and all that needs to be. she was sweet and kind to not only pray for us but to also check in on how she was doing through it all. then Monday came around, my girl got in the car and was so excited about her smiley face sticker and proclaimed that she "stayed on white today!" I was excited for her and told her what a great job that she did. Tuesday happened and that same thing. I was thrilled, as was she.

as I sat down this morning and to read more of Hosea (which couldn't have come at a better day, I am pretty sure that I am a day off because I missed a day at some point in the last week or so, lets call that God thing, because I wouldn't have had this passage and this reading on this particular day had I not missed that day) I realized that this was totally me. it was very telling. I have found myself over that last two days no crying out to God as much or even praising Him that she is doing better and thanking Him for it. It reminded me that I need Him in every situation not just in the struggle. I am glad for friends that stand by us when we need them, lift us up in prayer when we ask and ask how we are doing thought it all.  I am also thankful for women who heard the calling for God and pour into other ladies, even ones that they may never meet this side of Heaven.

Feeling blessed to be doing this study and by the ladies that take the time to read and study Gods word and present it to us the way that they do.

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