Saturday, May 30, 2015

Adventure 22

Adventures in birthday party planning
The last two years (2014, I didn't blog 2013s) we have had a combined birthday party for the kids.
it has been great and easy.
of course I have scoured pinterest every year to make it super cute (even if the kids care less)
this year i had no theme in mind (although, truth be told, i was trying to plan a camping theme at the last minute)
when i mentioned that to my hubby he said no, that i should just ask the kids what they wanted.
little girl was easy, she picked princesses
little guy wanted superman. very specific superman. there was not just superman at party city or walmart. (his original choice was baseball and there was baseballs there, so he decided to go with that) i have to add that he had asked multiple times what kind of party he was having? i kept telling him that it would be at the park and that there wasn't going to be a theme.  he continued to ask about the theme and what kind of party. (it is good to know that he likes that we do a theme and that it isn't all wasted on him.)

 my hubby and i were thinking on the same page with this one.
while i was on pinterest pinning some cute ideas i came across this one.
so we got to filling up water balloons (well let me take that back, i got to filling up 150 water balloons) there were a few that popped along the way but it was well over 100.
then my husband found this brilliant invention which changes the course of water balloon blowing up from now on out. they are called bunch o balloons and it is truly wonderful.
later in the post you can see the batting practice and water balloon fight that took place with all of the water balloons that we filled up.
little guy's baseball themes party

and thank you pinterest and shaken together for the great idea for bubble gum
Little Girl is turning "5"
and Golden Boy is turning "8" 
here is our water balloon batting practice
my goal was to get every kid actually hitting a balloon but it just didn't happen. this is what i got though and i love every single one of them.

we ended with a water balloon fight with that was left and that went fast.
for a last minute
throw together
party in our neighborhood park
i think that it turned out pretty great!

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