Friday, May 15, 2015


There are a lot of lasts happening in our home right I am sure is happening in most homes as the school year is coming to an end.
I first read the book, or actually heard Karen Kingsbury read the book Let Me Hold You Longer, with tears streaming down my face in, I think 2005.
I purchased a copy for me, of course, even though we were still a year or so away from having our own children.
Celebrating the lasts are special.
The last full day of preschool (you have got to be kidding me), in just a few short months I will have two elementary school aged children.
or a last as simple as the last night my oldest slept with a plastic mattress cover on his bed.
Now this last should have probably come a while ago but as I was changing his sheets this morning, I noticed that it was torn and just decided to pull it off. it hasn't been useful for a while, he is growing up and I never thought I would be thinking, "oh! last night was his last time to use his mattress cover."
like I said it is an overly emotional time of year. I am suspecting graduations years from now will be rough.
on the way to her last day of school
first day and last day of school

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