Wednesday, May 06, 2015


my mom has been sending words and notes of encouragement for the past the weeks and she has added pictures to the emails that she is sending out.

the one she sent recently had this picture of me and little girl. The work was INFLUENCE and the encouraging works she sent were: "Even if we are not aware of assured your INFLUENCE is directing and guiding the path of someone. May those you INFLUENCE this very day see the Christ in you!
Let your light shine!
I love you my friends!
Be encouraged!"

when i thought back on the picture, it is a picture i had my hubby take of us a few months ago. little girl wants to match me so badly. we have nothing that matched (so i thought). then i remembered my pink dress and her ivory one. they are not the same dress but are both lace. perfect! i showed her and she thought that it was great and was all up for matching for church that Sunday. 

The way we influence our children is astounding. i want to be a good, Godly influence in the lives of my children.

i feel like sometimes i get distracted and lost in my own head and when one of these tiny humans pulls me out of my thoughts and distraction, and i get frustrated instead of kind, loving and patient. i want to be an influence for good, not bad.

i want them to hear kindness come from me and not frustration
i want them to see patience from me and not being rushed
i want her to see and feel love from me and not selfishness.


  1. How neat your mom has been doing that. You are a GREAT mom and you can tell by watching your kiddos! They are kind, loving, compassionate and fun!

    1. thank you lindsay
      you are sweet