Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

oh the emotions that go along with it. I have a wonderful mother, as does she. I love that I was born into a family of such great women. my heart hurts for the women who's mothers have passed on, women who are aching for the child they lost or have yet to have. there are some may different women in this world and while today I want to celebrate the women in my life, I also think about the other women in the world and the struggles that they may be going through right now.
I have seen a lot of photo recreates around the internet and I am always fascinated with them. I asked my mom to send me some picture of me and her when I was the age the little girl is but they weren't really what I was thinking of. my mom reminded me that she was not in very many picture when we where  kids because she was usually the one taking the pictures. (I have make a point to try the get out from behind the camera and be in more pictures. another blogger Ashley Ann does a great job of encouraging her readers to get in the shot with your kids)
I asked for her to send me a specific picture that I thought was me and her and this is what she sent. it was exactly what I was wanting although I am much younger in the picture that little girl is. (hint: that is probably why it wasn't in the original email that she sent me of pictures of the two of us.
I got everything ready (I wanted to get a chicken and candle sticks for the table too but just went with what we had) and I love the results.
mom thank you for loving, encouraging, cheering, listening, supporting, guiding, answering and praying for us. and like you mothers day card said, "I didn't realize what it took to be a mother until I became one myself." thank you for preparing me for being a mother.
and here is another recreate.
this is one of my favorite pictures of me. I am wearing my John Schneider shirt and head band. yes, I met him at some show and this is what I got when I met him. I so wish my parents still had it.  haha. I put little girl I my color run shirt and head band that I got at the end of last summer when I ran the race.

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