Monday, May 11, 2015

Adventure 19


a year ago mothers day weekend we took the kids camping and had such a wonderful weekend. it was so much fun(despite the rain)

our campsite set up this year
we booked before we left for this year and included a cabin for my parents to stay in.
we met them there on Friday and stayed through to Sunday

we set up and relaxed, the kids played on the playground and in the river and had a blast. we cooked hot dogs and made smores and relaxed in the hammock.

the kids wanted to sleep in the cabin with Honey and Bear because there was bunk beds. the next morning, after we were all awake, I found little girl making her bed and setting up all of her stuffed animals and dolls.

on Saturday morning we had the pancake breakfast that the campground was serving and played some more while we waited for the temps to warm up enough to go tubing. we had breakfast for lunch and the kids tye died t-shirts and then honey drove us to the spot to get in the river and go tubing. (my camera was charging all day Saturday which was nice and then somewhat a bummer.) my mom did take some pictures so when I get them from her I will be sure to post them.
it was fun. there were some slow parts and the water was a bit low so there was two times that i bumped my tail bone on a rock. (i may or may not be still recovering from that) 
it took us about an hour to get back to our campsite where Honey was waiting to get pictures of us. from there the kids went to paint ceramic bear banks and played some more on the playgrounds. after we made dinner we walked up the road to return Bear's tube and to get an ice cream cone. then we headed back to the campsite for some more relaxing and hanging out before returning back to the tent for a fire and more smores. it was such a fun weekend just hanging out and relaxing. on Sunday morning my hubby and dad went to the store and got mom and i coffee and we ate breakfast and then packed up to head home.
dad and mom left but we decided to go on a little hike
and then head into Gatlinburg and for some dinner and Kiliwans ice cream.
it was a perfect way to spend mothers day.

the kids were pretty good for the ride home too.

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