Sunday, June 21, 2015

Adventure 25

adventures in picking out colors
I feel like i have been here before
oh yeah, my room colors, and the huge amount of time it took to decide on that
so now we are looking to get some siding out the wood parts of our house. the soffett and faicia board.
here is what the front of our house looks like

i would say that the brick is tan but i think some people call it yellow
here is it
our shutters were blue when we bought the house but we painted them black. it was a huge pain and I am so ready for some new shutters. I want ones like this
our roof is fairly new (at least I think so but my husband said the other day, we may need a new roof in 5 years, that just doesn't seem possible, what do I know)
so color has been the theme of this summer. not to mention the coloring of my hair, which hasn't happened yet, it almost did.
I mean seriously, I am struggling to paint our room and to decide on a siding color and I have these strands of glitter growing out of my head and I now have to decide what color to dye them and do I use permanent or semi-permanent, and are there more options than that. oh the choices. my hair post will be for another adventure.  like when I am brave enough to actually try it.
so here are the color options that we get to choose from
we have replaces all the windows in our house but 11 of them. (that sounds nuts right) we still have 11 more to replace. this house has a ton of windows. not that I am complaining. I love the windows but we need to replace the rest of them. so that new ones are white ones. the front of the house does not have news ones yet, we are getting there.
we  considered white siding.
could look dirty
but also pretty
we held up the white siding card with a tanish color that similarly matches the house to see what it would look like
we liked it ok but still had in the back of our mind that the white could look real dirty

then we kept going to this one
it is called silver mist
it has the earthy tones that our house has. (like I said I want those specific shutters but I want them to be wood colored and rustic looking.)
and our roof has that slight blackish brown look to it.
we still aren't 100% sure of what color we are going to pick. but that is probably where we have narrowed it down too.

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