Thursday, June 04, 2015


A friend of mine told me about a local nail place that does kid pedicures for $10 and the adult ones were not bad in cost either for all that they do.
I had to work the morning of Little Girl's birthday so I knew that I wanted to do something fun for her birthday in the afternoon. she loves girly things and I paint and polish her nails and toe nails every now and then but I thought that this would be fun, (besides I really needed a pedicure)
here we are waiting with our dumdum suckers for the people to see us
soaking her feet
the chairs are pretty big and she couldn't lean all the way back and soak her feet. but when she realized that the chair had a remote and she could get a massage she really liked that.
(basically she likes everything mommy does, I need to be careful)
here are the final products. I chose a pink glitter but am wishing I got something brighter, I do love it though. she picked a blue glitter and they painted little flowers on her toes.

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