Tuesday, July 29, 2014

3rd Annual Lake House Trip

Year One 2012
Year two was a little all over the place. The Jenson's went for only Friday. We went for Friday night and all day Saturday, and the Edwards came for only Saturday. I don't think a group picture was taken that year.

Year Three 2014
We have multiplied.......alot
 we love our time each summer where we get to spend the weekend at our friends lake house
we went swimming in the lake, off of the dock
did some tubing
little girl even went (and fast)
I didn't have my  camera then
played some cards
watched the sunset (twice)

even the kids joined in on the sunset watching
Golden boy woke up on Saturday morning and came and cuddled up in this chair
He had the right idea
Mr. Robert had a kid pile up when they were deciding which movie would be watched while breakfast was being made.
a tiny fish was caught and all the kids were amazed. Little J.Crew even reached out and touched it.

Some coloring while dinner was being prepared

All made for an exhausting but extremely fun Lake house weekend
Thank you McInnis Family for a fantastic time and lot of fun and memories
Friends lake house trip
watch a sunset


  1. I love our time at the lake. I hope we do it for many years to come... after the kids have graduated and gone, we still come back to the same place with each other!

  2. I agree, it is always a fun time and I hope we can do it for years to come as well.