Saturday, July 05, 2014

Lowe Mill Saturday

 on Saturday we went to Lowe Mill our artist corner of the city. we weren't sure what to expect except that we knew that there was going to be a trunk sale (people selling their stuff out of the back of their cars) we browsed around there. it wasn't long before a dark cloud appeared and we felt a rain drop of so. it wasn't even longer after that before it came down. there was seriously no where to go but some people who were selling some neat vintage stuff and awesome tie-dye shirts let us hole up under their umbrella. it was maybe five minutes of rain but it was drenching rain. me and little girl were pretty soaked. it soon cleared and blue skies came out and warm sun to dry us off. we headed to the first floor of the artist area. then the hubby got two taco's from the food truck and I got the kids snowballs from a new Orleans snowball truck. they were yummy and the closest thing to NOLA snowballs as you can get here.

 bubble gum and strawberry snowballs
they shared some too
 we took the elevator (an awesome old time one) up to the second and then third floor before stopping in to get some yummy juice in this awesome mason jar.
 blue skies over lowe mill
 the food truck that we got taco's from and before we left we got some hand cut French fries that were covered in garlic salt.
 I think the kids had a really great time. care free and happy kids.

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