Saturday, July 05, 2014

The List Keeps Dwindeling

we have been making our way through our 2014 summer list and it has been lots of fun. with only like three or four weeks left of summer it seems like there is no way that we will every make it through it all. in fact I am pretty sure that we won't get to everything before school starts but school starts early this year so some of our summer activities take place once school has stated. I am ok with that.

last week was VBS
do you see it VBS.
anyway, I got these pictures of the kids at home before VBS one morning. I didn't take my camera with me to VBS. it was just too busy but lots of fun. Workshop of wonders was such a fun theme and we had a great time transforming the church into a workshop for painters, carpenters/builders, and scientist.

nothing says cute like a couple of goofy faced kids. it was my way to get them to post and do what I wanted them to do for the pictures above. you do what you can to get results, right?

here is another one of the things on the list that we did.
I found two picture that I thought the kids would like and printed them and used our water color paints. Golden boy wasn't all that crazy about painting and ended up coloring. he wants things to be in the lines and the exact color they are suppose to be. note to self: next time give him something more abstract that he can color whatever. not peter pan where he wants him to look a certain way and can't get it that way......or a minion.  it just wasn't working for him. little girl on the other hand loved it. the flower that she is painting is actually the second picture that she painted. the first was a castle.

 our sweet neighbor saw the kids playing outside with the hose and came over with an extra sprinkler that she had for us to use. they kids had a great time running through it.
last was a fourth of July craft. this wasn't on our summer list but something that I pinned and thought would be fun. the only thing that I needed to purchase for this craft was the blue beads. I hadn't the bakers twine (but really you could use yard or ribbon) and I had the red striped paper straws as well. I think I cut two of them. this was the pin that I found and it links to this site that gives you the tutorial on doing it. great idea and lots of fun.
 I didn't think that my almost seven year old would want to make a necklace. when we were in home depot the day before he saw an American flag that he wanted. I told him that we could go home and make one. when he saw my version of making one he wasn't thrilled with it but he was a trooper and finished it and later on he got a real one.
and finally nothing says summer like a little ice cream treat at the new old mc donalds (that would just be Mc Donalds to everyone else but Golden boy has always called it old mc donalds) that the kids have been watching being built. who knew they would be so tired though. this is how I found them when I went to sit down. they did hope up to gobble up their ice cream.

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