Monday, July 21, 2014

Frozen Party

As always, pinterest is just overflowing with ideas for themed birthday parties. After seeing the movie Frozen this past winter I was sure that was the theme we would be doing for my daughters birthday party. Last year we did a combined Mickey and Minnie birthday party for my son and daughter. My hubby convinced me to do a combined one again this year. I didn't think Frozen would fly with my son who was turning 7 so I resigned myself to just going a simple pool party. sure I would probably cutesy it up some but I was going to go simple. Then one day while taking my son to school he asked me if he and little girl were having a birthday party together this year. I told him yeah that they were. he asked me what kind of birthday party? I told him a pool party. he said no mommy what kind? I said, like a theme? he said yeah. I asked him what would he like. he said, Frozen.  and so here is my attempt at a frozen birthday party.

The entrance to the party.
I saw this idea here.

Sven's Antlers (and snowballs)
found this idea here
and if you open up the link you will also see Kristoff's Ice. I had the blue jello all ready to go and left it at home.
Snowman noses were found here and we have cucumbers in our garden so I added those to the table as disc sleds  
we always have a form of lemonade at the kids birthday party (pink or yellow) I decided to sitck with the yellow and call it melted yellow snow to have a little bit of that boyish humor into the princessey party. 

these two cousins. glad they have so much fun toghether
is he not the cutest little guy every. he plays shy with me......a lot. but I think that he really likes me.

my awesome mom took come cute pictures of the cakes. really she took pretty much all of the pictures. my mother in law brought the kids their gifts in these reuseable bags(which are awesome) and mom set them behind the cakes as photo backgrounds. i love it.
I wish I had taken pictures of the insides of the cakes. this one is little girls and it looked like this on the inside.  i was trying to go somewhat with this look for the top. i am happy with the way it turned out.
for Golden boys cake I came across this pin and thought it was so cute. I got the figurine set on ebay. Kristoff's Ice was going to go in a bowl right next to him. (can you tell I am still a little sad that I forgot it?)

my sweet niece
 me and my girl

the party invites I found here and loved the way that they turned out.
and while we didn't do favors this year I saw this and thought that I would write it on the driveway as people were leaving. I am a terrible speller and my 2nd grade, super smart niece helped me when it came to spelling coming. (I had to m's in there, ugh)

I thought about making these magic wands
but in the end I kept telling my self simple and easy and that is they way it ended up. we had a great time and so did the kids.

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  1. LOVED LOVED LOVED the party. It was so creative and so much fun! Thank you for including us! Love those sweet kids of yours.