Sunday, July 20, 2014

Map it Out

 my husband loves maps. we don't have a gps for the cars.......sure our phones have them but we rarely use it. he loves to sit down and map out how to get places. when we moved across the country years ago we had AAA books and lots of maps to get us where we needed to go. same way when we came home three and a half years later.  when we had Golden boy we did his room in a safari theme. my sister came and helped me paint this monkey on the wall, as well as a gator and a giraffe. now that he is 7 (YES 7, I can't believe that is even possible) we were wanting to update his room and make it more of a big boy room. that process has been going on for a little over a year now. we didn't want to paint over the animals we just wanted to incorporate them into the theme. I guess the theme is ADVENTURE.  I found the quilt at target on line. it came with the two pillow shams.
 so my husband found this great US map at a yard sale for like $2 and we hung it up in Golden boys room. only problem is that we couldn't get it to stay up and it was way to big to have frames. so guess where I went to look for an idea on how to hang it? Pinterest. You got it. I came across this, this, and this pin. I ended up going with the last tutorial to hand the poster. Golden boy and I stopped at home depot one afternoon, picked up two dowel rods and brought them home to hang the map. I had to use some push pins on the back side and gravity was working against me on the bottom so I had to take it down and use some hot glue to get the dowel rod to hold on but all in all I think it came out great and we really like the out come.
thanks for the great tutorial Crystelle Boutique

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