Friday, July 11, 2014

The Library

I never claimed to be much of a writer. so that fact that I have a blog......I am not quite sure how that happened. but it did. a long time ago. before I had the two little people that reside in my home and in my heart. it was just me and my hubby and we were taking on the world (or so we though)
I am not eloquent in what I have to say, I don't always capitalize where I am suppose to or use punctuation where I should, I know that I spell works wrong all the time.......even though there is spell check.  all that being said I lay in bed last night thinking about this post this morning. a simple post about the library. my brain went through the whole process and the whole post on what I was going to say and last night as was constructing it, in my head, it sounded great. now here I am this morning and I have not clue what exactly my head was thinking last night. here goes though. at least an attempt on what I think I was going to say.

the library. I could walk the aisles of the library. browsing books. checking them out. oh how I love the library. Be still my heart. I mean really the next best thing to it is a book store. no particular book store either. really just anyone. so now I have these two little ones and I love reading and I hope to pass my love of reading to these two little people who live in my house and my heart. these two though........they are not me.......they are rarely like me.......I love that about them but it makes it hard on a trip to the library. a place of quiet and calm. those two words rarely go with my two. that's ok with me, usually.

I braved the library with them to hopefully get them some books that they like and that I could read to them. Golden boy started looking through the books right away and found a stack of them that he was interested in. it seemed like over half of them were about Christmas time, which I thought was funny. I went through them and added some readers to the sack too.

 little girl came with her stack. much smaller than his but it was all fine. in fact I think the only one she picked out was the Romeo and Juliet one. (we have the Pride & Prejudice one and she loves it. when I saw the Romeo and Juliet one I thought she may get it. there was also a Wuthering Heights one and many more) Golden boy handed her the Alice in Wonderland one and the Dr Seuss one and I got the Do you know which ones will grow one. she prefers roam. I try to make sure her roaming it close by and where I can see her. but she is constantly on the move and is back and fourth between the computes, book and puzzles. on top of getting all of these books for the kids I had two on hold for me and as we made our way into the kid section there was a book sitting on the end cap of an aisle and it looked familiar, like one that I had came across on pinterest as one that I wanted to read and pinned to my books worth reading board
 when we had picked out all the books that we were going to check out I handed each of them their stack and we headed to check them out. it was hard enough to get them to the check out station with the books and they didn't want to have to carry them anymore. so after checking them out I piled them all into my arms and we headed out the door. it was then that we ran into some of our friends headed into the library.  I probably looked like a crazy person ushering the kids out the door carrying all the books. I hope I just looked like a person that look like she loves books. As they were walking in she showed me a cute bag, that she bought on Etsy, for her oldest, that had a plastic badge holder on it to keep his library card. brilliant, genius. the next time I was I walmart I located the area that had the badge holders. they come in a pack of......well I don't really remember but way more than I needed. really I only needed two but a $1.88 for way more than I needed.......SOLD! (that being said local friends.....if you need a badge holder for your child's library card give me a shout out I have one for you.)  I knew that bag I would probably use for Golden boy but wasn't sure about Little girl until I got home and remembered this beauty. it was mine when I was a kid. my nanny painted it for me, my sister has a blue one that I think has balloons on it. I knew it would be perfect for Little girls library bag.
 I located the zip ties that I had left over from our Disney World trip and attached the library card to the bag. Yeah for library bags! Yeah for card holders! Yeah for friends with great ideas!
 Here is Golden boy's bag.  it is just a reusable grocery bag that he got from my mom......I mean Tinderbell. His Tinker-gifts in Disney showed up in this bag every morning.
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  1. love the library and LOVE your post! Having my kids go in all different directions in the library is such a stressful time (are they making a mess? are they stealing other people's books? have they wandered off?), and don't even get me started on the stress of checking the ginormous stack of books out at the kiosk! Takes me half an hour b/c Winnie keeps wandering off to de-shelve the DVDs. If hubs hadn't happened to be there that morning, you would have seen the full-on crazy! But I'm with you...I want to pass on my love of reading and love of the library, and I'll do whatever it takes! I'm so glad you found the bag tags, and $1.88 is MUCH cheaper than what I paid, that's for sure! Way to go!