Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A break in the house stuff.........

in all reality there ever a break in the house stuff? i know there is an end in sight.....just waiting on it.

in the meantime i am going to post about the Little girl and her milestone last night. First tooth lost. i just can't believe it. this first picture is from March 9th. But let me go back even farther. Little girl has been waiting to loose a tooth since she was like 4. We kept letting her know that it would happen just to be patient. Early March she told me that her tooth was loose. I felt it and realized it was. She finally had a loose tooth after years of wishing for it. I snapped this picture because i knew if i didn't get one of her before she started loosing them i would be upset.

last night was the day. she was laying in our bed playing a game and said mommy can you check to see if my tooth is ready to come out?  i really wasn't sure it would be. she has been asking every day since the beginning of last week. i reached in and pushed a little and we heard a pop. her eyes got wide because she thought i had gotten it out. i told her i needed to grab a paper towel and then i would finish getting it out. when i came back i asked her if she was ready and she was, i wiggled it a bit more and then out it came. she said that it did hurt some but she never cried. i asked her this morning if it hurt bad enough coming out that she wished we didn't pull it and she said NO. 

she was glad that it was out and was ready to go to school and tell everyone that she FINALLY had a missing tooth.

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