Monday, March 20, 2017

Day 76

I posted a Day 76 on Instagram saying exciting things happening today......stay tuned
and then i waited
and waited
my text conversation with my hubby
10:52am (ME:) anyone there yet?
(Hubby:) idk. wrapping up at CB with kids. Had to get out of house
(ME:) did you leave it unlocked
(Hubby:) yes

11:19am (Hubby:) Still no one here
(ME:) should i call
(Hubby:) no. we just need to be patient. We've waiting this long

12:04pm (ME:) anything
(Hubby:) idk. at moms. will check later

12:41pm (ME:) can you go ck....i'm dying
*Hubby;) movie about over

12:50pm (Hubby:) no one here yet. you may want to text and see what's going on.

1:03pm (Hubby:) backing up truck now. says he will work till 4 and finish up tomorrow with counter tops and trim up top.

BIG sigh of relief for me.
I scheduled a hair cut for me and little girl at 2pm that day so i left work and headed there.
the anticipation of it all was killing me.
at 1:43pm he sends me this picture
i am so thrilled and it is barely anything.

at 2:22 pm our contractor sends us this picture
i may have squealed a little when i saw it
again. it isn't even finished

i took this picture that evening when they left.

the next day they were coming out with the counter tops to install
we left that next morning for a family wedding.
needless to say i was eager all day to see the final out come of these counter tops
a new post is coming up about that.

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