Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Day 77

Thursday we left for a family wedding around 9 in the morning. the contractor and his guys were there ready to sand and paint.

there was still another coat left to do on Little girls room and then the kitchen.

we got to GA for the wedding and unpacked and hung out and left for dinner with the family at 6pm. After ordering and waiting for our food i realize i have yet to hear from our cabinet guy about the counter tops.
Now i should mention that he has a pretty good sense of humor.
7:01pm (ME:) how are those counter tops looking?
7:08pm (Him:) what counter tops?
7:16pm (ME:) did you just go to my house to marvel at those beautiful cabinets?
7:43pm (Him:) don't be silly! i had to adjust those 2 doors above the vent
(i think the screws just had to be tightened because they were uneven)

(ME:) aaaahhhhh!!! so you did work today. thank you thank you.

then he sent me these pictures
at first we were a little worried that the counter tops were way darker than we were anticipating or wanting

then this one came through
and seriously i can look at it forever
i love that sink

this one came in last and put our worries at ease about the darkness of them

meanwhile we are mulling over all the pictures and showing family and i get this text from him

8:00pm (Him:) no response?

i let him know that we were speechless. that we loved them and were so thankful for the work that he did on our kitchen. 
i just couldn't wait till we were home and could see them in person.


  1. EEKK!! YAY!! Please tell me you are getting new appliances. :)

    1. YES YES YES. they are beautiful. well they are in the storage unit still in boxes but hopefully by next week they will go in. they are ge appliances and they are the slate color.