Sunday, March 26, 2017

Day 82, 83, 84, 85

day 82 was trim  day (mainly the trim around the doors in the kitchen and the trim in Little Girls room)
during trim day they did this for the light switch for the pantry.
they mentioned to the hubby that we may want to talk to the electrician and see if he could move it to that wall right there by the back splash and they would just take this 1x4 down and put a new one in.

we asked them and they were able to do it. here is the space cut for the switch

Day 83 the electricians came out to do the finishes on some of the recessed lighting.
I just love the way it looks and can't believe  that it has taken us 10 years to do this in the kitchen.

Day 84
they laid our floor in the kitchen
our contractor stopped by at some point to drop something off and took this picture of it and sent it to my hubby.

later on when it was all done he sent me this picture.
before I got home from work I posted this to Facebook: "Nervous about seeing our kitchen floors in person. Nervous like butterflies in your tummy, first date kind of nervous."

it did not disappoint. it was stunning. both my hubby and I are very please with the way it came out and were so happy with the choice that we made.

Day 85
the electricians came back to finish up the lighting and to install the appliances.
the plumber also came to install the dishwasher and the faucet.
I got a text from the contractor that they dishwasher had an internal leak and we had to contact home depot and get it exchanged out (which happens this coming Wednesday)
then I got another text from the contractor saying that the cold water on the faucet had a leak. the faucet is the same stainless steel color as the sink but the handles that we received with the faucet were gold. it was so weird. so even if we didn't have to return the whole faucet because of the leak then I would have had to at least returned the handles to get them the matching color as the rest of the faucet.

I was able to get a picture of the oven installed and then faucet before they had to remove it because of the leak. I placed an order for a new faucet. hoping it comes sometime this week.

the first light we chose for over the sink was too gold as well. the description said antiqued bronze and it was more of a caged type pendant light (that I loved) but the gold color just didn't go with the rest of the look. I got the original from Lowes so I send back to their website and saw this one right away. I showed it to my hubby and he loved it so we headed to the store and bought it.

still needed:
the refrigerator still needs to be brought in and plugged up in its space
the baseboards in the kitchen need to be placed
quarter round in Little girls room
closet doors in Little girls room
door knobs on the three new doors
a decision on what type of stone and look for the fireplace/wood burning stove/Smokey joe hearth
trim on the cabinets (around the bottom)
the air vent under the cabinet fixed
everything moved back into place

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  1. WOW!! What a difference 4 days makes!! It is really coming together and looking so beautiful. Now you are getting into the fun part!:)