Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Day 61

so remember her tiny closet opening
here is where they opened up the doorway
bi-fold doors are going to go there.
Monday this happened and the sub-flooring was placed 

Tuesday they placed her unfinished white oak floors

this is the state of the kitchen as of yesterday (tuesday)
today an electrician comes and hopefully Little girls room is getting painted and maybe the floors even sanded.


  1. Wow, this has been a long project, hasn't it? You seem like you are being very patient (at least on your blog!), but I know you will be very glad when everything is back in place.

    1. haha. yeah. when i sit down to write i have sorted it all out in my head but i am sure there are many moments through out this process where my patience has worn thin or i haven't had the best self control about a situation. we just keep telling ourselves that it is temporary and that w will love it once it is done. eager to have it all back in place and excited for the end result. thanks girl.