Monday, March 27, 2017

Another break in house stuff......

.....this time to post about Golden Boy
he had his first soccer game on Saturday
thankfully no one works at the house on the weekend so we get a bit of a break from people coming in and out of our house.
while it would help the process go quicker I am glad for the short breaks from all the construction

so Saturday we went to the soccer fields, soccer fields instead of the baseball fields.
this is the first time since Golden boy was 4 and 5 that he has asked to play soccer.
he has played baseball for the last 4 years.
I am kind of happy with the break from baseball and a change in sports. he has two friends from church that are on his team and this game he played against another friend of his from church. it is going to be a fun season. I am excited to be a soccer mom again. 

it was a beautiful day for soccer but super windy

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